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BMP Best Management Practices, generally-accepted techniques, methods or processes that have proven themselves over time to accomplish given tasks.

CFC - Chlorofluorocarbon, a class of chemical compounds that depletes ozone.

CSR Corporate Social Responsibility, a form of business self-regulation whereby a business monitors and ensures its active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards, and international norms.

dB Decibel, a logarithmic unit of measurement in acoustics and electronics.

EC Electronically Commutated, a type of power saving motor commonly found in HVAC systems.

EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, an independent federal law enforcement agency that enforces laws against workplace discrimination.

EPA Environmental Protection Agency is an agency of the federal government of the United Statescharged with protecting human health and the environment.

EPP Environmentally Preferred Purchasing, the procurement of goods and services that have a reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing goods and services serving the same purpose.

FSC Forest Stewardship Council is an international for-profit organization established to promote responsible management of the world's forests.

GHG Greenhouse Gas is a gas in an atmosphere that absorbs and emits radiation within the thermal infrared range.

GMO Genetically Modified Organisms, an organism whose genetic material has been modified using genetic engineering techniques.

HID High Intensity Discharge lights have higher luminous efficacy and give a greater amount of light output per watt of electricity input.

HVAC Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, refers to the technology of indoor temperature control systems.

JSA Job Safety Analysis is a safety management tool in which the risks or hazards of a specific job in the workplace are identified, and then measures to eliminate or control those hazards are determined and implemented.

L&I Labor & Industries, is the WA state agency dedicated to the safety, health and security of Washington's 3.2 million workers.

LED Light Emitting Diode is a semiconductor light source that emits bright yet low-intensity light.

LEED AP Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Accredited Professional signifies an advanced accredited depth of knowledge in green building practices.

LIVE Low Input Viticulture & Enology is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that provides sustainability education and certification for vineyards and wineries.

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet, is a form with data regarding the properties of a particular substance, including safety precautions.

OSHA Occupational Safety & Health Association, is an agency of the United States Department of Labor whose mission is to prevent work-related injuries, illnesses, and occupational fatality by issuing and enforcing standards for workplace safety and health.

PEFC Proton Exchange Fuel Cells transform chemical energy into electrical energy. They are used as an alternative to internal combustion engines.

PLC Product Life Cycle, is a system used to collect knowledge of a particular product that can be reused for other products and to coordinate simultaneous concurrent development of many products.

PPE Personal Protective Equipment, refers to protective clothing, helmets, goggles, or other garment or equipment designed to protect the wearer's body from injury for job-related occupational safety and healthpurposes.

PSC Permanent Split Capacitor, a type of motor frequently used in air handlers, blowers, and fans (including ceiling fans) and other cases where a variable speed is desired.

SOP Standard Operating Procedure, a written document or instruction detailing all steps and activities of a process or procedure.

SPCC Spill Prevention Control Countermeasure, an EPA rule, includes requirements for oil spill prevention, preparedness, and response to prevent oil discharges into navigable waters and adjoining shorelines.

Tier II Report An EPA requirement. If a facility stores, uses or produces a chemical that requires an MSDS, and volumes present are in excess of the amount allowed by the MSDS, then you must file a Tier II report with the local EPA.

USGBC United States Green Building Council, a non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable building design and construction.

VOC Volatile Organic Compounds, are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. VOCs include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects.

WRI World Resources Institute, a global environmental think tank that works with governments, companies, and civil society to build solutions to urgent environmental challenges.

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