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How can my winery become certified?

Winerywise is not a certifying agency — it is an education based program that you can use to initiate your path towards certified sustainability.  Winerywise does not encompass all of the requirements of any specific third party certifying agency, as each winery may select a different certifying agency.  Third-party certifying agencies include Low Input Viticulture and Enology (LIVE), Food Alliance, Salmon-Safe, Oregon Tilth, Demeter Biodynamics, National Organic Program, and others.  While Winerywise does not endorse any specific third-party certifying agency, it has received a peer review of the guide by both LIVE and Food Alliance. 

If you want to seek certification, you should use the Winerywise guide in its entirety.  Most certifying agencies will require that your winery has achieved all of the items from the Self-Assessment's MANDATORY category, a majority of items from the BASIC and BETTER categories, as well as, some items from the BEST category.  Please check with your selected certifying agency to determine all their specific requirements.  For your convenience, we have listed links to the web pages of the most commonly used agencies in the Pacific Northwest.  Each of these agencies is internationally respected and certified.  


The Food Alliance


Carbon Reduction Challenge

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