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How to use the Winerywise Guide

The Guide is intended to be used as an educational tool and encourage your thinking about improving the sustainability of your winery.  The Guide supplies checklists and resources from which to educate yourself about sustainable practices, gives guidance in self-assessments that you can use to gauge your current level of sustainability, and helps you determine action plans to make continuous improvements specific to your winery's needs.    

Checklists for each topic can be accessed in several ways.
Use the navigation bar on the left side of the screen,
Or click on the Go to Checklist link found on each topic introduction page,
Or click on the PDF icon next to the topic heading on the dashboard. 

The Checklists are meant to stimulate your thought process about sustainable winery practices through a series of prioritized questions.  The Checklists includes POP-UP balloons with expanded information on a specific subject, as well as, web-page LINKS to sites that will provide you with additional subject-specific information.  After reviewing the topic checklist and resources you will determine if you are ready to move on to the Self-Assessment Form for each topic.     

Resources lists can be accessed in several ways.
Use the navigation bar on the left side of the screen to access an alphabetized list,
Or see resource lists that pertain to each topic at the bottom of each topic's checklist,
Or click on the Resources link following the topic heading on the dashboard. 

The Resources lists are included to help you access additional information specific to your wineries practices and needs.  You can also find a list of commonly used acronyms by going to Resources on the navigation bar.  Within the RESOURCES navigation bar we have included a list of commonly used acronyms.

Self-Assessment Forms can be fully accessed from the dashboard after you have Created an Account.  From the Dashboard click on the topic heading of interest.  This page shows an outline of items pertaining to the topic.  Sections completed are indicated by a green dot and sections needing completion are indicated by a yellow dot.  Click start to begin the assessment. 

The Self-Assessment is intended to help you gauge your current practices and compare your level of sustainability against that of other wineries that complete the assessment.  The Self-Assessment items are quantifiable and you will develop a score after you have completed the assessment, this score is your own winery's baseline of sustainability. 

Please note that items in the assessment have been categorized as BASIC, BETTERBEST or OUTSTANDING practices and numerical values are associated with each.  

Create Account
From the navigation bar on the left side of the screen hover over Using Winerywise,
Click Self-Assessment Forms in the drop down menu.
Click Create Account.
Fill in user profile and log in information, then click create.
After creating an account successfully you will be routed to the dashboard. 

Dashboard can be accessed after you Create an Account.
From the Dashboard you can access each topic's Checklist, Resources list, and Self-Assessment Form.  The Dashboard also allows you to view the percent you have completed of each assessment and to view your final score as compared to the industry average score. 

Action Plans templates can be accessed in a couple ways.
Use the navigation bar on the left side of the screen,
Or click on the Go to Action Plans link found on each topic introduction page. 

Following completion of each Self-Assessment Form, you can determine what practices you may want to improve.  The Action Plans template will help you to develop a plan of continuous improvement to enhance and expand your sustainability efforts.  











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